Down the memory lane...

Tipping lifters for cars in the fifties

The increasing number of cars in Denmark in the fifties inspired Nisap to develop a tool for auto mechanics. It was an inclined lift, which could tilt the car, so that the mechanics had access to wheels, brakes, undercoating and rust work.

In the period up to the oil crisis in 1974, Nisap sold more than 2000 tipping lifters for cars, almost exclusively in Denmark. A small export took place through a Danish export company. The oil crisis with driving prohibition during weekends etc. also created crisis in the auto industry, which did therefore not make investments.

Sales dropped so much that production was stopped, but many tipping lifters are still in operation, especially among hobbyists and small mechanics.

The sales price in 1974 was DKK 1,800 - a price that can still be achieved for used models.